​Mission Statement:​To reach and impact the world for the cause of winning souls to Christ via various forms of the media.

​Bereavement Ministry:

​Mission Statement: ​The mission of Wake Baptist Grove Church is to assist the family of our bereaved members and aid in alleviating some of the burden of funeral planning. Our goal is to provide spiritual support to the family as well as physical support through assistance with food purchase, preparation, service and assist with programming and basic operational needs.

​First Aid Ministry:

​Mission Statement: ​The purpose of the First Aid Ministry is to assist an support the spread of the gospel through service to mankind. The ministry aids the provision of emergency health care to members and visitors at Wake Baptist Grove Church and provides current information on relevant health care issues and diseases. In addition, the ministry works closely with the ushers' ministry on issues of common concern.

​​​​Evangelism Ministry:

Mission Statement: To take the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the lost and to prepare the body of Christ to receive them.

Pastor's Aide Ministry:

Mission Statement: ​The Pastor's Aid Ministry is committed to assisting in meeting the needs of our pastor and first family. All activity from this ministry is intended to shoe both appreciation and gratitude for our pastor's leadership and spiritual guidance. The Pastor's Aid Ministry plans and organizes all ceremonies and events that recognize and/or honor the pastor in conjunction with the Program Committee. The Pastor's Aid Ministry full, and whole-heartedly supports the pastor.

Missionary Ministry:

Mission Statement: ​Our mission is to "Go into the world and be witnesses for Jesus Christ through involvement and training". We are to promote and implement the Great Commission." All disciples or believers are called and charged with this mission. We have made serving those in nursing homes, those who are sick and recovering, those who are elderly or bereved our primary focus. However, we have extended our effort to include participation in both the Interfaith Food and Cancer projects 

Audio Ministry:

Mission Statement: The Audio Ministry is responsible for operating and maintaining the recording equipment and sound system. It is  our mission to capture and enhance the lyrics of the choirs, as well as, clarify the Word of God as it goes forth. Wake Baptist Grove's services are reproduced on CD and are available weekly.

Tutorial Ministry:

Mission Statement: The Wake Baptist Grove Church tutorial ministry strives to instill the importance of education to our youth through the use of encouragement and academic support. It Is our goal and belief that every child can and will achieve beyond expectations.

"I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me"​- Phillipians 4:13

Music Ministry:

Mission Statement: Our Goal is to minister the "sermon before the sermon" in and out of  worship service one note at a time, one lyric at a time. It is our goal to be an aid in bringing someone to Christ!​​

​​​​​Welcome To Wake Baptist Grove Church